Find us the Heart of the Pyrénées-Orientales:

On the map below you will find us under the little green house – left click to see our address.  Our nearest airports are marked with the plane symbols and left clicking on these will bring up their names. Perpignan is the closest, followed by Girona in Spain – please go to our “Flights” page for details of all of the airlines that serve the region together with the airports in the British Isles from which they fly.

On  simply enter “Mas Guardiole” in the search field and you will find us just as easily.
If you are coming by car,  Viamichelin is a good site for route planning. It always includes up-to-date  toll charges where due, and gives options such as “quickest”, “cheapest” and so on.  You need only enter “Montbolo” for the destination in France, there is only one village of this name!
If you like using Google Earth copy and paste the following coordinates straight into their “Search”  box to see the house and pool from above (it is too far from the road to see in “Street View”):   

 42°29’1.63″N 2°39’14.42″E

For Sat Nav users:

Our little street, Impasse des Albères (there is only a Number 2 and then us at Number 4!) is not named on some satnavs, in which case try entering just the house name “Mas Guardiole”. 

If your system still will not play ball and will accept coordinates then use these….

42°29’2.45″N  2°39’15.45″E

From Amélie les Bains:

Amélie-les-Bains-Palada is our nearest town and is on the D115 heading West from Junction 43 on the A9 motorway.  Once in Amélie look for the signs to Montbolo and take the D53A  (and D53) up to the village. Once in Montbolo take the first left after the church and then first left again into Impasse des Albères. You’ll find us at the end; look for our beloved old caravan by the gates in the garden. Our doorbell is on the left hand gate post.

To contact us click “here“.

View Mas Guardiole in a larger map

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Find us as well on,   property reference: 268262

The village of Montbolo has it’s own website: