turbulence aheadThe table below shows the airports serving our region across the top and UK and Eire airports down the side.
Immediately below the local airport name is the distance to us in kms and miles.  Perpignan is much the nearest and Girona (in Spain) is next. All of the others are practical propositions and we have had guests arrive at all of them.  The Airlines operating the routes are shown by their initials so, for example, someone wishing to fly here from Birmingham could take Flybe to Perpignan, RyanAir to Girona or bmiBaby to Barceloan. The key to the initials is at the bottom of the page; click on the airline name to go to their website. Some of these routes operate only from spring to autumn and please be aware that the airlines are sometimes not very prompt at publishing their next year schedules.

  Perpignan    Girona Béziers Carcassonne Montpellier Barcelona Toulouse
km/miles: 51/32 104/65 145/90 163/101 200/124 202/126 257/160
Belfast                             AL, EJ  
Birmingham        FB RA      RA FB
Bournemouth   RA   RA      
Bristol   RA RA     EJ EJ
Cardiff Vu
Cork   RA       AL  
Doncaster RA
Dublin AL RA RA   RA, AL AL
East Midlands     RA   RA
Edinburgh         RA, Vu J2
Gatwick         EJ EJ. M EJ
Glasgow     J2  
Glasgow Prestwick RA RA
Heathrow           BA BA
Leeds Bradford            RA
RA, J2 J2
Liverpool     RA   EJ, RA  
Luton   RA RA   EJ EJ  
Manchester   RA RA     M, J2 J2
Newcastle   RA     EJ J2
Southampton FB   FB     Vu  
Southend           EJ  
Stansted RA RA   RA   EJ, RA  
AL Aer Lingus
BA British Airways
EJ easyJet
FB FlyBe
J2 Jet2
M Monarch
RA RyanAir
Vu Vueling

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